Fermented Garlic Honey

Garlic fermented in honey is an easy ferment to make and a great one to have on hand during winter to keep colds and flu at bay. Make a big batch to keep you well all winter long!

This very easy ferment is made with two simple ingredients and a little time. It's as simple as peel, mix, and leave on a shelf to ferment.

Peel the garlic


Peel several heads of garlic, cut the base off each clove then put them in a large jar. 750ml / 1.5 pints is perfect. Discard any bruised cloves.

Add honey


Completely cover the garlic with raw honey. Leave roughly 5cm / 2 inches of headroom at the top of the jar. A little more is fine too.



Take a chopstick and gently stir the garlic through the honey. This ensures the garlic is all well coated.

Leave to ferment


Put the lid on then put the jar in a cool dark place to ferment for one month, Turn the jar a few times a day to keep the garlic submerged.

To use


Chew one clove of garlic with a little honey as a food as medicine. Or simply chop the cloves and add to meals then drizzle over the honey.