Hi, I’m Gabby

I’m a degree qualified Naturopath/Nutritionist (BHSc Nat) and also hold a Diploma of Sustainable Living. I really love inspiring people to get confident in the kitchen and to create easy, nourishing meals for themselves and their families. No fads here, friends! I use simple, everyday ingredients to ensure your mealtimes are full of delicious things.

Love to cook, don’t love to cook, nervous cook, not much time to cook? – No problem, there’s something for everyone here. Many, though not all, of my recipes cater to a variety of food intolerances too, so if you’re an intolerant friendly cook you’ll find plenty to entice you.

Fun Facts About Me

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vespa rides


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lots of colourful fish

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Where this all began

My cooking journey began standing on a Tommy turtle stool so I could reach the bench in my Mother’s and Nana’s kitchens. Our family meals were influenced by Australian, Greek, Maltese, and Middle Eastern cuisines – which is our heritage – and I was very eager to learn everything these wonderful women had to teach me.

As I got older and had my own kitchen to create in, those meals from my childhood continued to inspire me. The recipes you find at Whole Natural Kitchen would not be here without the guidance of these gorgeous women.